Each Roadbook covers a distance between 130 to 200 km. They are aimed at motorcyclists with a light one cylinder enduro and offroad experience (see general information). Starting and end point is the village Roccastrada in the province of Grosseto (see journey).

Roadbook 1
By means of Roadbook 1 the recently arrived driver will discover the main geographic peculiarity of the Maremma region: there are mountains. Many mountains.
Therefore during the first 50 km you will face many long uphill and downhill sections on a loop south of Roccastrada.  Small, partly stony runways lead through remote woodlands.  Especially ambitious drivers may let off steam on an extra loop of approx. 6 km .
kniffeliger SingletrailAfter dealing with a really nice singletrail between rocks covered by moss there is the possibility for a stop in a cosy Osteria. The middle section of the trip guides you on wide runways through fields and pinewoods before the tour heads back to mountainous regions.

Touristy highlights: Roccastrada with his original Old Town and other pittureske villages
Driving highlights: various, long and partly precipitous uphill and an downhill passages, interesting singletrails

Elevation diagram of Roadbook 1

Roadbook 2
Roadbook 2 is our personal favorite. Although some interstages on asphalt must be bridged on teh way, it contains the most spectacular Enduro sections of the area.
The route leads on a northwest loop from Roccastrada up to the historical mountain town Massa Marittima. Apart from the last quarter of the tour one moves mainly through remote forest areas.
Right at the beginning a steep uphill stretch is waiting for you. After mastering this track the roadbook continues on rather easy runways by settled plains for just a little while.  Accordingly you will cover a diverse sequence of marvellous Singletrails and small forest ways through the vast oaken woods and chestnut woods of the region. A river crossing is expecting you lateron, which is not simple to navigate but easy to be mastered irrespective of he current weather condition.
Climax of the tour: the downhill passage from highest point of the Roadbooks (1080m) as well as other attractive singletrails to the west.  The trip terminates with relaxed stretches on broader, but scenic runways by more plain areas of the Maremma.

Touristy highlights: the historically significant Massa Marittima, spectacularly situated and contemplative mountain villages, like Montieri and Montemassi, marvellous panoramas
Driving highlights: extraordinary offroad riding with long and steep hill passages, spectacular Singletrails, narrow bendy runways and and and …

Elevation diagram of Roadbook 2

Roadbook 3
FlußquerungOn a loop to the north-east of Roccastrada Roadbook 3 provides a good overview about the regional variety of the Maremma`s landscape. Covering the longest distance among all roadbooks, number 3 leads you mainly trough woodlands in the first third. In the middle section it touches the famous wine-growing district of Montalcino and finally it carries you back into the lonesome mountain forest north of Roccastrada. In comparison to Roadbook 2 and 3 this Roadbook is less demanding as far as offroad driving technique is concerned. You will ride on wide “Strada Bianca, even though you won`t  miss longer sections with narrow forest runways and some nice singletrails.

Touristy highlights: Stopover for a bath in hot sulphur springs, the famous wine town Montalcino, as well as various scenic mountain villages.
Driving Hightlights: 2 river crossings which – according to weather condition – may provide a high level of adrenalin, some nice uphill and downhill passages

Elevation diagram of Roadbook 3

Typische Strada Bianca

Roadbook 4
Roadbook 4 macht Grinsen Ambitious riders love Roadbook 4 because it puts a permanent grin into your face and sweat on the forehead also. As soon as one has left the access road to the Agriturismo Bettarello behind, you are done with asphalt for the rest of the day.

Forming an extensive circle around Roccastrada the route doesn’t offer any new tourist sights , however, it will show you all the offroad fun this area is offering.

In a northeasterly direction the roadbook leads you over steep rock slopes, long forest slopes and spiry paths.

Those riders who are enthusiastic to ride on narrow Singletrails shouldn’t miss a small extra round. They will also be rewarded with crossing various fiddly creeks and with a beautiful view of wooded mountains. Traversing those little streams might be tricky.

Die Flussdurchfahrten sind nicht ohneIf you are already tired at this point, should choose the shorter variant of the Roadbook after approx. 50 km.

Before you reach the turning point of the track at the hot sources of the Bagno di Petriolo you will have to handle some difficult steep slopes and two river passages which can be quite difficult depending on weather situation. In the last third the Roadbook runs over narrow paths and pistes through deep forests northwest of Roccastrada before it ends in the olive grove of the Bettarello estate.

Touristic highlights: Bathing stop at hot sulfur springs or at the river Farma
Driving highlights: extremely low asphalt sections and pure offstage fun

Elevation diagram of Roadbook 4

Roadbook 5

In den Colline Metallifere wurden viele Minen aufgegebenThe elevation diagram puts the concept of this roadbook in a nutshell: riders who prefer the plain fields should rather choose another track. This demanding route leads you through deep, isolated woods to some of the highest peaks of the southern ‚Colline Metallifere‘.

Don`t let yourself be fooled by the leisure start – relatively broad pistes take you directly north in the beginning. But soon a small round over eroded forest slopes and a pretty singletrail will taken the body to operating temperature. Whoever would not like to expect so much of himself or has little time may abbreviate the Roadbook after 35 km and sweep back to the Bettarello on beautiful woodland paths.

Es geht hoch und runter und mitunter trifft man auf natürliche Hindernisse

The really sporting part starts now for ambitious riders: the next 60 km are one single up and down. You need to cross some smaller creek passages and innumerable stony steep slopes have to be mastered. Although one moves almost exclusively through large woodlands, however, there are some places where you may stop for food and drinks.

The last third of the way contains another two cruxes, which may be difficult depending on the weather situation. But the return section runs mainly over comfortable runways through beautiful scenery.

Touristic highlights: panoramic views, historical mountain villages like Montieri und Gerfalco

Driving highlights: some beautiful singletrails, demanding middle part with steep stony slopes

Elevation diagram of Roadbook 5