The sparsely populated Maremma-Region with its wide-streched forest areas and mellow vineyards belongs to the most beautiful enduro-spots in Europe.

We are offering 5 Roadbooks for riders with a light sport enduro. Furthermore 3 Roadbooks are made for riders with big enduros, offroad beginners or those who want to take it easy.
However our 8 roadbooks with a total length up to 1200 km will guide you over superb dirt tracks and spectacular trails through the most scenic areas of southern Tuskany.

The fun of enduro riding is our main focus. Therefore asphalt stretches are reduced to an absolute minimum. You will find petrol stations, points of interest and restaurants marked within the description of the roadbooks. We have also listed alternative passages for the most difficult sections to make sure that everybody is able to master the route.

The roadbooks will be handed out for the complete duration of your stay. That gives you plenty of time to explore the region at your own pace. You can even ride certain stretches of the roadbook several times, if you like. We marked certain points where you can easily stop on your tour and may continue the following day.

Our roadbooks are targeting experienced offroad drivers with a light one cylinder or sport enduro. We suggest you to ride in groups of 2 to 6 persons because you will hit very isolated areas where you might need to support each other.

Our concept

Booking our roadbooks is a low-priced alternative for exploring southern Tuskany individually. The costs are reduced to the amount for the roadbooks and the accommodation. There is no tour guide or organizer on site and you`ll have to arrange the journey to Italy on your own.

Booking the roadbooks involves accommodation at our partner`s place, Agriturismo Bettarello in Roccastrada. The owner Luca Brucci will service you with everything from food to accommodation or support you in any question that may arise. He is an experienced host for local enduro groups and you will find the infrastructure you need for your bike (workshop, save parking, facilities for cleaning etc) at his place. Local drivers appreciate the organized events that take place there, for example the Enduro Al Bettarello.
You will find some fotos of the accomodation in our picture gallery.

Accommodation and Prices

The prices of the roadbook depend of the number of tracks you would like to explore. The amount for 8 roadbooks is 180,00 € per participant and for 1 roadbook it is 35,00 €. Please contact us – we will arrange an individual package for you!

Starting point of our tours is the Agritourismo Bettarello near the rural village Roccastrada. The roadbooks will also be handed out there.

The price for 1 person in a simple double room incl. breakfast per day is 32,50 €. Additional cost for a single room is 7,50 € per night. Appartments for 3-4 people can also be arranged.

A typical Tuskan dinner will cost you 20,00 €. Before you leave into the wild you`ll have to pay a deposit of 100 EUR for the roadbooks. Of course, this amount will be paid back to you when you return the roadbook at the end of your stay.

Booking is only possible from March to June and September to October.


All roadbooks start and end in the small town Roccastrada 60 km south of Siena. Roccastrada is a laid-back village, typical for the Maremma region. You will find a basic infrastructure comprising bank, supermarket, petrol station, ice cream parlour, restaurants and bar.

It`s also a perfect base to explore the touristic sights in this area. You should not miss the beaches at Castiglione della Pescaia (1 h drive). The famous wine village Montalcino (part of roadbook 3) is located 50km east of Roccastrada. There are also plenty of nice little villages like Roccatederinghi or Montemassi, which are just a few kilometre away. Cities like Siena and Florence are within driving distance ( 1- 1,5 h) as well.


Please tell us your intended time to go by email. Then we will check for the accommodation. After confirming the fixed date we will ask you to fill out a registration and disclaimer of liability form, which you will send to the following address:

Markus Körbel
Sömmeringstr. 24
50823 Köln

or via Fax: +49-221-88 000 98

By sending the documents your booking is binding:

Payment of the roadbooks must be made 4 weeks in advance, which covers also the advance payment for the accommodation. The rest and the deposit for the roadbooks (100 €) will be paid at Agriturismo Bettarello.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us: info(at)

or call us: +49 (0)163-4783535 or +49 (0)163-5511957